Stainless steel forks and aluminum foil…

Ever since I can remember, I have had a peculiar sensitivity — when a fork (or piece of stainless steel cutlery in general) has recently come into contact with aluminum, I find the fork to have a most unpleasant taste.

Since it is my goal with this blog to answer (or at least bring to light) the questions Google fails, I can find no information on the phenomena. Perhaps a kind reader will have some clue as to what is going on, and if there is any more info anywhere.

When the fork has touched aluminum – such as serving from an aluminum pie plate or aluminum foil lined pan – something happens to the fork whereby upon touching it to my tongue I experience a funny “taste” or strange sensation. (Personally, I find the sensation unpleasant enough as to need a new fork.)

I would liken the taste to a mild form of the feeling one gets from testing a AA battery with one’s tongue.

It makes sense that when steel touches aluminum a current is induced at the juncture – dissimilar metals and all. But what exactly am I detecting? Is it electrical activity from the few aluminum ions on the end of the fork?
And why does washing it make it go away?

Most importantly, are there other people who have experienced this? If so, why is it so hard to find a reference or mention? If not, what is so special about my tongue 😛

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  1. I have the same issue. When I eat I can immediately tell if the utensil touched or scaped against metal or aluminum. I keep plasticware in my purse. My husband thinks I’m crazy but glad to see I’m not the only one. Just wish there was a good explanation for it. I also don’t have fillings or other metal in my mouth.

  2. I’ve had this forever too. It’s worse with real silver. (I keep and extra fork up my sleeve for fancy dinners at my moms). My family thinks im nuts, but it just happened to my son (he has no metal fillings) .

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